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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


by Stephenie Meyer
629 pages

Last night I finished book 3 of The Twilight Saga. This one took me longer than the first two because I actually had to go to WORK this week - ugh. And although I can sometimes read blogs and write posts while at work there is NO WAY I can hide this huge book on my desk and sneak in a few pages now and then. So unfortunately my reading time has been severely limited.

As with books 1 and 2 I'm just going to do a list of thoughts for my review. Spoilers are included, so be warned.

  • Imprisoning Bella?! Forbidding her to go to La Push? What's the deal with that?! In what world is that ever ok? And the worst part is that she UNDERSTANDS it!?!? At least she sneaks away - that was a good decision. Way to fight "the man" Bella! (not)
  • And what's more, dragging Alice into the whole imprisonment deal was a really low blow. All for a CAR? Alice, I'm disappointed in you.
  • Jasper gets more and more interesting as the books go on. I'm glad to know his story. I totally did not see THAT coming (not the Confederate soldier part NOR the vampire war part). It makes his portrayal in the movie even worse - I so do NOT see him like that!
  • Some blogger pointed out that Bella never seems to walk anywhere - how true that is. I know they're all faster than her and all, but seriously now ...
  • Ok, I don't hate Edward as much as I did in the last book. He really is quite romantic, and I loved his "old-fashionedness". And his momma's ring was a really nice touch. And yeah, I know, they really love each other. Blah, blah, blah.
  • But couldn't he have bought her a separate bracelet instead of attaching HIS gift to JACOB's gift? That was mean. I know its a whole symobology thing (her heart and her "self" is split between the two guys, just like the bracelet) but it was still mean.
  • I LOVED the scene in the tent. Oh the tension! the stress! the barely contained passion! (Ok, ok, it's more like "oh the cuddling with Jacob and rubbing it into Edward's face" but that's just me.)
  • Thank God Bella finally really kissed Jacob. Yeah!!! I was so ticked at her when I realized she wasn't kissing back at first, but then it got better. Finally!
  • Maybe I'm jumping the gun here (and PLEASE do not give me any hints either way people!) but the sci-fi/fantasy I usually read is more ... fatal, I guess is the right word. I keep waiting for a major character to get killed but that's not happening. Not that I want anyone bumped off (except maybe Edward so that Bella and Jacob could be together) but it does seem sort of unrealistic that with all the danger around them NO ONE is getting killed. Wait, did I just imply that the rest of the book is actually realistic? Someone slap me now!
I'm off to the bookstore at lunch to buy book 4. It will be my first review of 2009!


Katie said...

The tent scene in Eclipse is one of my favorite scenes in the entire series!!!

Hope you like Breaking Dawn!

Literary Feline said...

Eclipse was my favorite of the series because so much more seemed to happen in it. I was pretty ticked off at Edward's possessiveness and demand that Bella not go anywhere near Jacob too. I'm glad he finally realized how dumb he was being.

I hope you enjoy Breaking Dawn.

Anonymous said...

I hope you made it to the bookstore, because I can't wait for the bulleted thoughts on Breaking Dawn. :-)

Happy New Year!

shrink on the couch said...

I recoiled at the whole imprisonment thing, too. There are so many examples of submissive woman, dominant man throughout this series that I've taken it for granted. And I'm a fan of Edward. Saw the movie a couple days ago and liked his portrayal (and Bella's) on the screen more than on the page, so it sparked me to finish BD.

I'm enjoying your reviews and will be reading more.

I did a review of Twilight on my blog, if you're interested. Warning, I'm not very complimentary of Bella.

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